The Centre of Civil and Commercial Mediation (CMCC) a.s.b.l. is one of the mediation operators in Luxembourg. The institution is specialised in the field of civil and commercial mediation as defined in article 1251-2 (1) of the New Code of Civil Procedure.

Its members are the Luxembourg Bar, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts, and the Medical Chamber.

Chambre de commerceChambre des métiersBarreau de LuxembourgCollège Médical

The CMCC is in charge of the mediation process for the resolution of conflicts for citizens and companies within the framework of the settlement of their civil, commercial or social disputes through the negotiated procedure.

Ministère de la justice

Its offices are located in the District Court at the Cité Judiciaire, Plateau Saint Esprit, Luxembourg.

Cité Judiciaire

The institution understands itself as a prescriber of mediation in the sense of the definition of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ).

This is done in a curative and at the same time preventive sense in order to help avoid conflicts: mediation as a process on the one hand and as a technique to promote all kinds of communication on the other.

We want to contribute with our activities to the societal impact of the mediation approach and to integrate ourselves in a judicial and economic policy in this sense.

This results in the three objectives of the CMCC.

Our three objectives

1. Organising

Conducting mediation - process & technique

2. Supporting

Communicating the benefits of mediation

3. Training

Transmitting mediation skills

The association addresses enterprises as well as private persons within the scope of civil, commercial, or social conflicts.


Dr. Jan Kayser

Approved Mediator by the Minister of Justice
Approved Mediator by the CMCC


Michelle Göbel

Approved Mediator by the Minister of Justice

Office coordinator

Susan Kossmann

Approved Mediator by the Minister of Justice
Approved Mediator by the CMCC

Senior Consultant

Jörg Batz

Approved Mediator by the Minister of Justice
Approved Mediator by the CMCC

CSR Coordinator

Administration Board

Jacques Wolter

Approved Mediator by the Minister of Justice
Approved Mediator by the CMCC


Michaël Sibilia

Official Opinions and Legal Affairs
Chamber of Commerce


Max Urbany

Economic advisor
Economic Affairs, Public Affairs and business analysis
Chamber of Crafts


Valérie Besch




Together with its partners the CMCC offers you a different way to solve conflicts.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg additionally hosts its own Centre for Arbitration, whose purpose is to offer an alternative dispute resolution to proceedings of litigation, which often prove to be too long, expensive, and impractical for the complexities of the business world.

Chamber of Skilled Trades & Crafts

The Chamber of Crafts (CdM) is a professional association representing more than 150 craftsmen from the food, industry, fashion, health care, mechanics, construction and housing, communication, multimedia, cultural performances and handicrafts sector.

Chamber of Lawyers

Le Barreau de Luxembourg s’implique étroitement dans l’évolution de la profession et veille à l’adapter aux multiples changements de notre société. L’Ordre des Avocats du Barreau de Luxembourg met un point d’honneur à renforcer les liens de confiance entre les avocats, le public et les autorités publiques.

Medical Chamber

Le Collège Médical a pour mission de de veiller à la sauvegarde de l’honneur, de maintenir et de défendre les principes de dignité, de probité, de délicatesse et de compétence devant régir les professions de médecin, de médecin-dentiste et de pharmacien.

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